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Welcome to the Fandyllic Wiki

Welcome to the wiki. This is a repository and test wiki for Fandyllic!

Who is Fandyllic?

See Fandyllic.

What is this wiki for?

Primarily as a repository for Fandyllic's stuff, but also possibly a way to communicate with Fandyllic.

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Other stuff

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  • discussion page Talk:Fandyllic
    new comment by LuvOf99Th
    Comment: Aaaaaaaa... i just have onething to say,  You and YourWork is, Awesomeeeee! .
  • discussion page What setup You use for Contributions?
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    I only have 2 screens on one laptop, but I have 2 laptops (I don't use my work one for FANDOM most of the time, though). I'm definit... 



    Ohhhhk! now i got it, okay man okay... i thought u would've 4-5 screens lol,  k k man thx for reply!. 

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