• is there a system for crediting points to users for being first to add an image or a category to an article or creating the article (especially from a defined list).

    this would be subject to a user or admin removing the category. (no points awarded for removing and adding categories {new or same} back, points cancelled if admin deems the category incorrect)

    Would/could this point tracking be accomplished through javascript, a module, a bot?

    would this be an effective means to encourage contributors by giving them points or recognition for having the most points in a week/month?

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    • As opposed to the Achievements system?

      Personally, I'm not a fan of points systems, since they are highly susceptible to being gamed and don't necessarily contribute to the quality of a wiki.

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    • The current achievement system wouldn't track "first" category nor would it compare article names to those on a list.

      What I'm hoping to accomplish is more focused and in that way theoretically have higher quality.

      The key is drawing contributors attention to a list.  It would give visitors some better direction for how they can contribute in case they don't have that idea or are looking for something specific.

      The other piece is recognition. many people like getting recognized for their efforts.  when they think they'll get recognition, they may be inclined to put in a little more effort which in principle helps quality and discourages vandalism.

      alternative to a points system would be a voting system but that requires both a larger pool of contributors to begin with and more effort to maintain.

      Do you have other suggestions on attracting and retaining good contributors?

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    • To be honest, in my over 10 years on Fandom/Wikia, attracting and retaining good contributors is mostly luck combined with Fandom/Wikia not screwing you over.

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    • "mostly"?

      of the remainder, what can be done proactively to accomplish the feat?

      what has had the most promising results?

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    • I say mostly, because retaining good contributors isn't that hard, but attracting them seems like luck.

      Sometimes you can find good contributors on other wikis that have expressed interest in your topic and steal them. But, those who show up uninvited are rare unless you have a popular topic.

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    • sounds to me like a campaign to identify wikis that share some significant characteristics in common with The Expanse is in order.  followed by a little lurking. finally a round of friendly direct messaging

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    • Go for it. If you find a bunch of candidate wikis, we can split up the lurking/greeting among admins or other capable users.

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    • lol  i think you'd know more about how to accomplish the first part.

      i'm stilll thinking...."start break it down by describing what the 'signiificant characteristics' are"

      scan a listof wiki names

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    • A FANDOM user
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